Blackberry Plants for Sale

Blackberry bushes offer a uniquely sweet experience that you can pick fresh from your own garden. It’s a flavor you simply can’t buy from a store! Can you imagine going out in the morning to pick a large bowl of blackberries for your cereal or eating them fresh with ice cream? They’re also delicious in jam, pie and cobbler.

Even better, they’re easy to grow. In fact, blackberry bushes are often considered one of the easiest fruits to grow at home. When properly cared for, this vigorous fruit plant will reward you with large crops of glossy and firm berries, with a unique, tasty blend of sweetness and tartness.

Blackberries are also packed full of nutrients, including antioxidants, which help fight the signs of aging. While fresh fruit is always the best, blackberries can also be canned, frozen, and preserved for many different uses.

At Double A Vineyards, we carry a wide variety of the best blackberry plants, including thornless blackberry plants, to make picking easy. Our cultivated berries are also generally sweeter and bigger than wild varieties and can be grown in several different zones. Please take some time to browse through our selection of blackberry bushes for sale. Our varieties are typically hardy and offer good disease and pest resistance.

If you’re unsure which variety is right for your garden or location, simply contact us. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is happy to suggest the best varieties for you to plant in your area. Also, if growing berries is new to you, or if you simply want more information, we suggest you browse our Books & Gifts and Resources sections for more details and tips on growing blackberry plants.

When you’re looking for the best results – and the best blackberry plants for sale, turn to Double A Vineyards’ blackberry plants. They’re easy to grow and produce abundant fruit. In fact, all of our plants are reliable producers, season after season. Many of our blackberry varieties are also adaptable to various conditions and versatile in their uses.

  1. Chester Blackberries (Thornless)
    A thornless variety with good resistance to cane blight. Has large, very sweet, high quality fruit which is excellent for fresh use, jams, jellies and baked products. It is the hardiest and most productive of the t...
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  2. Ouachita Blackberries
    Ouachita - [Pat. PP17,162] is a high yielding, hardy, upright blackberry variety with thornless canes. The fruit produced by this variety is of an excellent quality. Ouachita berries are large, sweet, and flavorful.
  3. Prime Ark® Freedom Blackberries
    Freedom (APF-153T) - [PP26,990) is the first thornless release in the Prime Ark® collection. It has very large fruits with good flavor. Prime-Ark® is a great choice for home gardens and local commercial markets. P...
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  4. Triple Crown Blackberries (Thornless)
    Named for its three crowning attributes - flavor, vigor and productivity. High yielding, semi trailing, thornless vines that bear large, firm, flavorful berries. Self pollinating.