Blueberry Bushes for Sale

Did you know that blueberries are considered a “super food?” In fact, of all berries, they have the highest concentration of antioxidants, which help to reduce the signs of aging. Plus, there’s nothing like picking and eating a sweet and flavorful blueberry right off the bush.

With Double A Vineyards, you can buy blueberry plants online and plant them in your own garden or field. Our blueberry plants for sale are exceptionally hardy and can easily adapt to most soils. In addition, with their well-developed root system, it’s easy to get them to grow and thrive in almost any garden – so you’ll be picking them by the bushel! 

In fact, there will be plenty to share and plenty to freeze. You can enjoy them fresh, or bake them in a pie, sprinkle them in cereal or oatmeal, or serve them over ice cream. As an added bonus, blueberry plants are aesthetically gorgeous, featuring lovely flowers in the spring and stunning foliage in the fall. 

Go ahead and shop with Double A Vineyards today and see the difference in our blueberry bushes for sale. We offer several popular varieties – including Bluecrop Blueberries, Duke Blueberries and Jersey Blueberries – as well as those that ripen earlier, mid- and later in the season. Whichever ones you do choose, they’ll be so juicy and delicious it won’t feel like you’re eating healthy!

If you’re not sure about which blueberry plants to buy online, just contact us. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is happy to recommend the best varieties for you to plant in your area. Also, if growing blueberry bushes is a new endeavor for you, or if you simply want more information, we suggest you browse our Books & Gifts and Resources sections for more details and tips on growing blueberry plants.

  1. Bluecrop Blueberries
    A very popular variety that ripens early mid season. The fruit is large with excellent flavor, firmness and color. Foliage is sparse, but production is good.
  2. Duke Blueberries
    An early-season variety that grows well in zones 4-7, Duke is high-yielding and hardy. Berries are medium to large, slightly tart, and very firm. Grows upright to a height of 4-6 feet.
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  3. Earliblue Blueberries
    As the name suggests, Earliblue will be one of the first blueberries of the season, ripening in June. Although Earliblue is self-polinating, it will yield a larger crop when planted with another suitable variety suc...
  4. Jersey Blueberries
    This late season variety has medium sized fruit and is very productive. The bush is vigorous and upright with spreading yellow canes. The fruit has good flavor and is crack resistant.