Chinook Hop Rhizome

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If you're looking for a superior bittering hop, this super alpha hybrid variety has high vigor and yield to accompany its heavy aroma. Chinook has been used both for bittering/flavoring and aroma in beer styles such as Pale Ales, Lagers, IPA, Steam Beer and heavy bodied dark Ales. Chinooks unique spicy, pine-resiny flavors with grapefruit undertones have been popular in both craft and major breweries. Perfect for a new grower, as it is very forgiving to uncontrolled growing conditions.

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USDA Hardiness Zone No
Year Released No
Uses Aroma, Bittering
Beer Style Ale, Lager
Side-arm Size 24-40"
Pickability Good
Vigor High Vigor
Yield 1600-2200 lbs/acre
Alpha Acids 10.0 -14.0 %
Beta Acids 3.0-4.0 %
Maturity Medium - late
Storage good 60-75% remaining
Aroma Characteristics moderate-high spicy, piney, grapefruit notes