Compendium of grape diseases, disorders & pests - Book


The Compendium of Grape Diseases, Disorders, and Pests, Second Edition, is broken into four distinct parts:

Part one covers diseases cause by biotic factors. It particularly addresses commonly occurring diseases caused by fungi and oomycetes, bacteria, phytoplasmas, viruses and virus-like agents (including nematode-transmitted viruses), and nematode parasites of grapevines.
Part two discusses mites and insects that cause disease-like symptoms in grapes, Coverage includes leafhoppers and treehoppers, mealybugs, thrips, and much more.
Part three discusses disorders caused by abiotic factors, with special emphases on chimeras, environmental stresses, nutritional disorders, the various causes of shriveled fruit, and pesticide toxicity.
Part four offers two new sections that will help users save money and minimize pesticide use. The first, Grapevine Fungicides, discusses fungicides and cultural practices in the context of minimizing disease resistance. The second, Spray Technology for Grapevines, which emphasizes cost saving techniques and practices, helps users minimize pesticide use and ensures the chemical hits its target, not elsewhere in the environment.

In addition, the Compendium of Grape Diseases, Disorders, and Pests, Second Edition, includes and introduction that provides helpful overviews of the grape plant, it's worldwide cultivation and varied uses, its history, rootstocks, morphology, and developmental stages.

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ISBN-13 978-0-89054-479-2
Author Edited By: Wayne F. Wilcox, Walter D. Gubler and Jerry K. Uyemoto
Language English
Page Count 232