Captain Jacks's Fruit Tree Spray Concentrate


Help ensure a healthy harvest by ridding your garden of common diseases including mildew, blight, rot, rust and more. Apply Captain Jack’s Fruit Tree Spray before disease is present to prevent fungal attacks on plant tissue in your lawn, garden and home orchard. Apply to all areas of the plant every 10-14 days as needed. Captain Jack’s provides 4-in-1 protection to a variety of plants in your home, lawn, garden and home orchard. This concentrated solution arrives ready to mix with water! One pint of concentrate makes up to 20 gallons of spray or drench. Captain Jack’s Fruit Tree Spray can be applied to affected plants as a foliar spray or as a soil drench. To use, mix with water according to package instructions, shake well and apply to affected plants. For full use instructions, please see product label.


1 Pt. Container

Product Label