Deer Shield - Electronic Deer Control


Deer Shield uses a deer's natural instincts to effectively repel them from your vineyard. Digital recordings of aggressive, hostile, and territorial deer are broadcast through high fidelity weather-resistant speakers to trigger a primal fear and flee response. Deer soon relocate to where they can feed without feeling threatened. Deer Shield is the result of Bird Gard's 25 years of research and development into animal control systems. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln contributed to the development of Deer Shield, which has been proven effective through extensive field testing.

All Deer Shield products feature solid-state electronics and weather-resistant housings for years of dependable operation in any weather condition. All units can be powered by either 12VDC or 110/220VAC.

Deer Shield PRO
Motion sensor activated
Motion sensor range 50 feet - 74 feet
Speaker protects up to 1.5 acres
Fully adjustable for volume, sensitivity, sound duration and day, night or 24-hour operation

Deer Shield SUPER PRO
Fully adjustable for volume, time off interval, random mode, and day, night or 24-hour operation.
Available with 1, 2, or 4 speakers Each speaker protects up to 1.5