Grape \"Care Package\" (Sulfur Sensitive Varieties)


This package of homeowner-sized chemicals provides a general spray program for sulfur sensitive varieties in your home vineyard/garden:

(2) Spectricide Immunox

(1) Hi-Yield Captan

(1) Complete Fruit Tree Spray

(1) Monterey Remuda (glyphosate)

Spectracide Immunox (contains 1.55% Myclobutanil) is labeled for control of anthracnose,black rot, and powdery mildew. Mix 1 fl. oz. product with 1 gallon of water and apply to the point of runoff. Maximum 5 applications per season. For anthracnose and black rot, apply when new shoots are 1-3" and reapply every 14 days. For powdery mildew, apply when shoots are 12-18" (pre-bloom) and reapply every 21 days. Do not apply within 14 days of harvest.

16 oz container

Hi-Yield Captan 50WP 12oz. Captan provides control of downy mildew and phomopsis cane and leaf spot, and suppressions of black rot. Use 1 to 1.5 Tbs. per gallon of water. Sprays can be applied at 1/2 -1 1/2'' shoots, 3-5'' shoots, 9-12 shoots, just before and immediately after bloom, and at 10-14 day intervals as needed. May be applied up to harvest. Do not use with or closely following an oil spray. Do not mix with highly alkaline materials such as hydrated lime.

Fruit Tree Spray Concentrate (12% Captan, 6% Malathion, 0.3% Carbaryl) is a combination of a fungicide (Captan) and two insecticides (Malathion and Carbaryl). Captan provides good control of downy mildew buy only fair control of black rot. Insects controlled include flea beetles, Japanese beetles, rose chafer, grape berry moth, leafhoppers, and mealybugs. Use 1.5-2.5 Tbsp. (0.75-1.25 fl. oz.) per gallon. Two applications per year are permitted with a minimum re-treatment interval of 14 days. Do not spray when temperature is above 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not apply within 7 days of harvest.


Monterey Remuda is a glyphosate product for use in home gardens, including grapes. Consult the label for specific recommendations.

1 Gallon