Surflan AS Agricultural Herbicide (oryzalin)



Surflan AS Agricultural Herbicide (oryzalin), EPA# 70506-43, READ THE LABEL

Surflan provides pre-emergence, residual control of annual grasses and some control or suppression of some annual broadleaf weeds in bearing and nonbearing vineyards. Apply 2 to 6 quarts per acre surface sprayed per application, depending on the length of weed control desired. Multiple applications are allowed per season, with a minimum of 2.5 months between applications, not to exceed 12 quarts per acre per year. Do not use on soils containing more than 5% organic matter. Do not apply to newly planted vines until soil has settled. Surflan can be tank mixed with other pre- and post-emergence herbicides registered for use in grapes when following all product label restrictions. 24 hour reentry interval, 0 days to harvest.

Label Information