Mettle 125 ME Fungicide (tetraconazole)



Mettle 125 ME Fungicide (tetraconazole), EPA# 80289-8, READ THE LABEL

Mettle provides effective control of black rot, anthracnose,and powdery mildew with post-infection, antisporulant, and limited protectant activity,with moderate risk of disease resistance development. Apply Mettle at 3-5fl. oz. per acre per application and a maximum of 3 applications and 10 fl. oz.per season. For powdery mildew control, apply on a protective schedule with applications made 14 days (preferable in most circumstances) to 21 days apart. For black rot control, apply on a 14 day schedule, OR within 72hours of the start of an infection period, but not within 14 days of a previous application. Tebuconazole is a sterol inhibitor (DMI) fungicide, and powdery mildew resistance to the DMI fungicides is common where they have been used for several years. Use a good resistance management strategy in your vineyard by limiting the number of DMI applications to a maximum of 3 per year, and use a rotational program with other non-DMI powdery mildew fungicides. Rotating with other DMI fungicides is NOT an effective disease resistance management approach. 12hour reentry interval (7 day reentry for certain activities in table grapes),14 days to harvest.

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