Snow Fence

  1. Allegany - 20 inch Cutting
    Starting at $2.00

    Allegany (Salix purpurea) is a fast-growing, high-yielding willow variety, which produces multiple small stems. This disease resistant variety has dark green oblong leaves.

    In purchasing this Will...

  2. Fish Creek - 20 inch Cutting
    Starting at $2.00

    Fish Creek (Salix purpurea) is a high-yielding, disease resistant shrub willow, producing multiple small stems. With dark green oblong leaves, it produces foliage from April through October in Zone 5.

  3. Preble - 20 inch Cutting
    Starting at $2.00
    Preble (Salix viminalis x (Salix sachalinensis x S. miyabeana)) is an aesthetically appealing shrub willow producing high-yields of multiple small stems. This rapid growing, disease resistant variety allows for rep...
  4. SX61 - 20 inch Cutting

    SX61 (Salix miyabeana) is probably the most versatile willow variety sold by Double A Vineyards. It’s fast growing and disease resistant. It’s also aesthetically pleasing and high yielding lending its...