Rhubarb Plants for Sale

Despite being a vegetable, rhubarb plants are often treated as a fruit. In fact, it’s often referred to as the “pie plant.” Its leafstalks (the only safely edible part of the plant*) are crisp and juicy and deliver a tart, tangy flavor that is usually tamed with sugar. Red varieties of rhubarb plants tend to be the sweetest and the most prized by gardeners and chefs alike. Rhubarb has a variety of uses, including in pies, breads, cakes, sauces, and wines. Its dark green leaves and green, pink or red stalks also offer plenty of front yard appeal. 

A cold-hardy perennial, rhubarb plants grow best in zones where the ground freezes in winter. Rhubarb plants are fairly easy to grow since they are very winter hardy and resistant to drought. They are vigorous plants that need little care. However, it typically takes two years for the plants to establish themselves, so resist the urge to pick all the stems that first year. Once established, yields increase every year.

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*Note: Only the leaf stalks (petioles) should be eaten; rhubarb roots and leaf blades are poisonous.