Ridomil Gold MZ WG (mefanoxam + mancozeb)



Ridomil Gold MZ WG (mefanoxam + mancozeb), EPA# 100-803, READ THE LABEL

Ridomil Gold MZ contains two unrelated active ingredients, mefanoxam and mancozeb, with a high risk of disease resistance development. Mefanoxam provides excellent activity against downy mildew with protectant, post-infection, and antisporulant activity. Mancozeb is included in Ridomil Gold MZ to decrease the likelihood of downy mildew resistance development. Apply Ridomil Gold MZ at 2.5 pounds per acre per application, and no more than 10 pounds per acre per season, but the use of no more than 2 applications of any Ridomil products are highly recommended in order to decrease the risk of developing disease resistance. Ridomil Gold MZ contains the equivalent of 2 pounds per acre of 75 DF mancozeb products. If black rot and phomopsis control are desired, supplement with additional mancozeb up to the maximum amount permitted per application (add up to 2 additional pounds of 75DF mancozeb or equivalent). 48 hour reentry interval, 66 days to harvest.

5 pounds

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