Lomanto Grapevines

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Developed in 1902, Lomanto is a high quality, PD resistant, red wine grape with fruit forward flavors well-suited for a semi-sweet red. Doubling as a juice and jelly grape, Lomanto's medium sizes, moderately compact clusters produce an intense blue-black conical berry. Good for backyard and commercial growing.


Grape Color Blue, Black
Primary Use Juice, Wine, Jelly
Wine Color Red
Variety Origin T. V. Munson
Parents Salado (Vitis Champinii x Brilliant) X Pense
Pseudonym (Tested As) Not Applicable
Year Released 1902
Harvest Season Unknown
USDA Hardiness Zone 7
Sulfur Sensitivity Unknown
Vine Vigor Medium Vigor
Growth Habit Semi-Upright
Suggested Distance Between Vines 6 ft - 8 ft
Vine Training System Mid Wire Cordon, Top Wire Cordon
Bud Break Data Unavailable
Black Rot Slightly susceptible
Downy Mildew Slightly susceptible
Powdery Mildew Moderately susceptible
Botrytis Unknown