Opportunity Grapevines

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Opportunity (A-2445) [PP30425] is one of two new wine grape varietals developed by the University of Arkansas. Proving to grow extremely well in the Arkansas climate Opportunity has a higher tannin level that has been reported to potentially aid in longer storage in the bottle to condition and develop complexity. Opportunity grows in tight bunches without being very susceptible to rot. A medium-high vigor vine with consistent yields.

*Propagation of this variety is prohibited by law*

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Grape Color White
Primary Use Wine
Wine Color White
Variety Origin Unknown
Parents Unknown
Pseudonym (Tested As) Not Applicable
Year Released Unknown
Harvest Season Unknown
USDA Hardiness Zone 7
Sulfur Sensitivity Unknown
Vine Vigor Medium Vigor
Growth Habit Unknown
Suggested Distance Between Vines 6 ft - 8 ft
Vine Training System Unknown
Bud Break Data Unavailable
Black Rot Unknown
Downy Mildew Unknown
Powdery Mildew Unknown
Botrytis Unknown