Vineyard Nutrition

  1. Ammonium Sulfate (21-0-0 24S)
    Starting at $5.64
    The growth and yield achieved by your grapevines each year depends heavily on the Nitrogen (N) levels in the vineyard. While some amount of nitrogen is typically needed each year, the best way to determine what quan...
  2. Muriate of Potash (0-0-60)
    Starting at $6.41
    Potassium (K) is a main contributor to plant growth. An abundance of potassium in the plant tissues translates to high levels in the fruit. Despite what the plant stores, when we remove the fruit from the vineyard e...
  3. Phosphorus Micronutrient Fertilizer Blend (10-46-0-.9Zn-.5S-1.5B) - 10 lbs
    Zinc and Boron deficiencies commonly found in vineyards can be adjusted with either soil or foliar based fertilizer application. Phosphorous (P) is one of 3 primary macronutrients needed for sustainable growth in th...
  4. Plant Nutrient Analysis - Petiole Package
    Even healthy looking vines may be suffering from nutrient deficiencies- the only way to find out is to test them. Don't wait until symptoms are present; be proactive when it comes to your plant’s nutrition! This p...
  5. Soil and Plant Nutrient Analysis COMBO PACKAGE

    This bundled package offers both our soil nutrient and plant nutrient analyses of the petiole for a discounted rate. Below are detailed descriptions of each test included in the package.

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  6. Soil Nutrient Testing Package
    Make informed decisions concerning fertilizer and lime inputs with Double A Vineyard's quality soil nutrient analysis. This package provides you with a sample kit, instructions on how to take an accurate sample, and...