About Us

Double A Vineyards is dedicated to growing and supplying high quality grapevines. Additionally, berries, home wine making, vineyard supplies & more...

Double A Vineyards History

Double A Vineyards is a family owned operation that is dedicated to supplying you with quality grapevines. We began production in 1990 with a small number of cuttings and have grown to over four million cuttings this year. We have increased our variety list to over 150, with production of other varieties by request. I have been involved in the grape industry all of my life and would be more than happy to discuss varietal planting tips or cultural practices with you.

We have developed a unique production system which allows us to produce high quality grapevines. All of our one year vines are grown on raised beds covered with black biodegradable plastic. Each row is supplied with water and nutrients by trickle irrigation. Soil moisture is monitored with the use of tensiometers to ensure that the vines are never stressed. The conditions created by the plastic warming the soil in the bed and abundant supply of water and nutrients are ideal for plant growth and root development. These vines are well prepared for planting and vigorous growth in the spring.

We look forward to filling your grapevine needs and serving you in the future.

Dennis Rak