Gooseberry Plants for Sale

Many growers wonder where to buy gooseberries. Highly prized in Europe, gooseberries are now once again gaining in popularity in the U.S. They were formerly banned by the federal government to avoid the spread of white pine blister rust. Today, though, the ban exists in only a few states. 


Similar to currants, gooseberry plants produce small fruits that can be made into flavorful jams and jellies, pies and crumbles. In addition, the dessert varieties are so sweet you can eat them just as you would a grape.


Gooseberry plants are fairly easy to grow and tolerate part shade to full sun. They are ideal for areas that experience long, cold winters and they are bred for disease resistance. Fruit generally ripens in July.


There are two types of gooseberry bushes: American and European. At Double A Vineyards, we have chosen gooseberry bushes that satisfy our small but strict set of criteria – excellent flavor, vigorous growth, and disease resistance. We offer two different selections of the American gooseberry plants: Hinnonmaki and Pixwell. Both are very resistant to mildew and offer a fairly high sugar content. Try something different today with one of our gooseberry plants for sale! 


We supply strong, high-quality gooseberry plants that are easy to grow and will give you bumper crops of delicious fruit, season after season. Our gooseberry plants for sale come with simple instructions to ensure you get the very best harvest possible. However, if you are not completely satisfied when you buy gooseberries online from us, let us know within a year of delivery and we will send you a free one-time replacement or a refund of the full purchase price. Read our warranty and return policy to learn more.


In the meantime, if you have any questions about our gooseberry plants for sale – or would like to learn more about growing gooseberry bushes, simply contact us or visit our Resources section. We’re here to help you!


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  • Hinnomaki Red Gooseberries
    Dark red, medium size fruit with tangy outer skin and sweet flesh. Favorite with home growers because it resists mildew. Ripens in July. Cannot ship into DE, MA, ME, NC, NH, NJ, RI, VA, WV...
  • Pixwell Gooseberries
    Large oval, light green berries that turn rosy pink when ripe. High sugar content and juicy. Great for pies and preserves. Fruit hangs down to make for easy picking. Leaves turn purple in the fall to make a nice ornamen...
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