Microthiol Disperss (sulfur)


Microthiol Disperss (sulfur), EPA#70506-187, READ THE LABEL

Sulfur provides protectant, post-infection, anti-sporulant, and some eradicant control of powdery mildew, with low risk of disease development. Apply 3 to 10 pounds per acre (application rates of 4 to 5 pounds are typical, but higher rates can provide longer control). Some cultivars may be injured by sulfur applications, consult University pest management guidelines and/or the Grapevine Variety Characteristics Chart in the Double A Vineyards catalog for varietal sensitivity to sulfur. Sulfur injury may be greater when air temperatures are above 85-90°F at the time of application. Tank mixing sulfur with other powdery mildew fungicides is a sound disease resistance management strategy. 24 hour reentry interval, 0 days to harvest.

30 pounds

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Material Safety Data Sheet: manzate pro stick MSDS.pdf