Seedless Grapes

Seedless Grapes

Eating grapes fresh off the vine offers a way to satisfy a sweet tooth and enjoy a healthy snack. Seedless grapes include many varieties of table grapes for eating as well as grapes for cooking and juicing. At Double A Vineyards, we offer a wide variety of seedless grapevines that easily grow in home gardens, on small farms and community gardens for everyone to enjoy. Let's take a look at some of our top varieties of seedless grapes.


    • Canadice

    • Canadice seedless grapes offer an edible skin and mild flavor. The compact clusters of berries are easy to pick from the vine. Their light red color makes them a beautiful addition to tabletop displays.


    • Compassion

    • The Compassion seedless grapevines are Arkansas' newest tabletop grape variety. The firm grapes deliver an exquisite fruity flavor and pretty green color.


    • Everest Seedless

    • Enjoy the fresh aroma of Concord-like grapes when you choose the Everest Seedless grapevines. These grapes are twice the size of a typical Concord grape. Their juicy texture and deep purple color appeal to the senses.


    • Faith

    • Enjoy an early crop of fresh grapes from Faith seedless grapevines. They mature by early August, which is about a month earlier than most seedless grapevines.


    • Himrod

    • Himrod seedless grapes grow vigorously, and they produce large clusters of giant berries. The sweet, juicy berries offer a melt-in-your-mouth flavor.


    • Hope

    • The soft texture of Hope seedless grapes makes them an ideal option for snacking or pairing with soft cheeses. They offer a vibrant green color and medium size, and the vines deliver a high yield of fruit.


    • Marquis

    • Marquis seedless grapevines yield spherical-shaped grapes. After harvest, the grapes remain fresh and firm for several weeks.


  • Somerset Seedless

  • For winter-hardy grapes, choose Somerset Seedless. They mature early and offer a bountiful yield of medium-size clusters of medium-size grapes.


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  • Canadice
    Canadice produces compact clusters with medium size, pink to light red seedless berries. A slipskin variety with tender and edible skin with a distinct but not overpoweringly labrusca flavor.
  • Concord Seedless
    A sport of Concord with clusters and berries smaller than Concord. Fruit matures earlier than Concord with good flavor; perfect for pies and preserves.
  • Einset Seedless
    Einset Seedless produces medium-sized clusters with oval, bright red berries with a light waxy bloom. Tender to firm flesh with Labrusca and strawberry character, medium-sized soft seed remnant is not usually noticeable.
  • Faith
    Faith - [PP25,696] is a blue, non-slipskin, seedless grape that is the earliest maturing of the 2012 Arkansas table grape releases - late July to early August in Arkansas. It has neutral to slightly fruity flavor. Vines...
  • Gratitude
    Gratitude - [PP25,746] has an exceptional crisp texture with seedless green berries. Skin is very thin and in most years no seed traces are found. Flavor is neutral, similar to most Vitis vinifera table grape varieties. ...
  • Himrod
    Vigorous vines produce large, loose clusters of oval, soft, flavorful berries. Grapes have a honey-like flavor and a melting, juicy texture.
  • Hope
    Hope - [Pat. PP25,697] is a green seedless grape with a fruity flavor and high yields. Berries are non-slipskin, typically without traces of seeds, while fruit texture is soft. Vines are moderate in vigor, but negative o...
  • Joy
    Joy - [PP25,726] is a blue, non-slipskin, seedless grape with thin skin and exceptional fruity flavor. Sometimes contains hard seed traces. Fruit cracking is rare but ripe berries may shatter at maturity in some years. ...
  • Jupiter
    Jupiter - [Pat. PP13,309] has large clusters of large, reddish-blue berries with mild muscat flavor. Non-slipskin with crisp flesh texture, although skins are relatively thin, fruit cracking is not common. *Propagatio...
  • Lakemont
    A full sibling of Himrod, Lakemont has milder flavor and more compact clusters with fairly small berries. Not as winter hardy as Himrod.
  • Marquis
    Marquis is a productive vine with large clusters of large spherical berries with melting texture and excellent flavor. Fruit holds well on the vine and after harvest. Marquis has been used to make a fruity table wine wi...
  • Neptune
    Neptune - [Pat. PP12,302] produces large, attractive, conical clusters with yellow-green, non-slipskin berries. Any seed traces are soft and unnoticeable when eating. Moderately thick skin resists cracking, flavor is ...
  • Reliance
    Reliance produces large clusters of round, red, medium-sized berries with tender skin non-adhering to flesh. Color is pink to red when fully mature with delicate Labrusca flavor and aroma, without noticeable seed traces...
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    Somerset Seedless
    Somerset Seedless is among the earliest maturing and most winter hardy seedless grapes. It produces small to medium-sized, compact clusters with medium-sized berries with adherent skin and great strawberry-like flavor.
  • Suffolk Red
    Suffolk Red produces medium to large, loose clusters of mild-flavored red berries. Winter damage and poor fruit set are often problems, but flavor is outstanding.
  • Thomcord
    Thomcord is highly productive with large clusters of medium-sized berries, but unlike Concord, it has adherent skin. The aromatic Labrusca flavor is similar to that of Concord but mellower.
  • Vanessa
    Vanessa produces medium-sized clusters of bright deep red berries with moderate bloom, firm flesh, and crisp texture. Flavor is mildly aromatic but not of Labrusca type and is considered among the best of red seedless g...
  • Everest Seedless™ (NY98.0228.02)
    Everest Seedless™ (NY98.0228.02) is a truly seedless Concord-type grape offering a flavorful berry with the attractive blue coloring of a Concord at nearly double the size. Enjoy its soft, juicy distinctly flavorful f...
  • Compassion
    Compassion (Ark 2392) - [PP31,526] is the newest seedless grape in the series of table grapes from Arkansas. Compassion yields an attractive green berry with a notably firm, crisp texture. It's exquisite fruity flavor in...
  • Interlaken
    A sister seedling of Himrod, Interlaken is very early ripening. It produces clusters of small, white berries with strong American flavor.
  • Southern Sensation Seedless™ (ARK 1400)
    Southern Sensation Seedless is the newest release from the University of Arkansas. It’s a productive, and pleasantly fruity white, seedless with large clusters. I’ve attached a photo below for your reference. They ar...
  • Mars
    Mars is a productive vine with medium-sized clusters of medium to large slipskin berries that turn from crimson to deep blue at maturity. Fruit has a thick slipskin, resistant to cracking. Fruit holds well on the vine ...
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