SorbaMAX Root-Dip

SorbaMAX Root-Dip is a long lasting and horticultural-friendly water control product. These super absorbing crystals meet the demands of outdoor conditions, and soil conditions. Superior water retention and designed for long-lasting usability. SorbaMAX performs excellent in dry environments where planting can be challenging. Mix the compound with water in accordance with the directions, and soak your plant roots in the mixture, and then plant them. The gel will coat the roots and help eliminate “transplant” shock. A major factor in field survival of bare-root seedlings is the proper treatment and holding of seedling roots prior to planting them. SorbaMAX Root-Dip will keep the roots in a moist condition during planting. Applications of SorbaMAX Root-Dip: Mix SorbaMAX Fine with water at a rate of 1lb per 25-35 gallons of water to achieve the desired consistency. Mix and allow 15 minutes to form gel solution. Dip roots into gel and remove. Use immediately. 3 lbs. will treat approximately 1000 plants. You can easily adjust the viscosity of SorbaMAX Root-Dip up or down to fit your special needs by adding small amounts of product or water to your slurry.