Tuscany Herbicide (flumioxazin)


Tuscany Herbicide (flumioxazin), EPA# 71368-102, READ THE LABEL

Tuscany provides pre-emergence, residual control of most annual broadleaf weeds and grasses. Apply 6 to 12 ounces per acre surface sprayed per application (for example, when spraying a 3’ band in 9’ rows, one acre surface sprayed equals 3 acres of vineyard). Two applications per season are allowed up to 24 ounces per acre per season, but sequential applications must be at least 30 days apart. Consult the label for restrictions for use on vines less than 3 years of age. Avoid spray contact to foliage and green bark, with the exception of undesirable suckers. Applications made after bud break require shielded applications. Tuscany provides some post-emergence activity on many weeds and grapevine suckers, however, it should be tank mixed with a labeled post-emergence herbicide for control of emerged weeds. Tuscany can be tank mixed with other pre- and post-emergence herbicides registered for use in grapes when following all product label restrictions. 12 hour reentry interval, 60 days to harvest.

2.5 pounds

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