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  • Delaware
    Referred to as "the best American table grape" in The Grapes of New York (Hedrick, 1907), Delaware is an early-ripening red variety with small berries and clusters, and mild flavor. Of the labrusca types, it has the best...
  • Ambulo Blanc - Grafted
    This white wine grape has characteristics of Sauvignon Blanc and is highly resistant to Pierce's Disease. It has an early bloom and the fruit ripens early. It has small to medium berries and relatively large clusters. It...
  • Caminante Blanc - Grafted
    This white wine grape has tested highly resistant to Pierce's Disease. It has small berries and small compact clusters. It blooms relatively late and ripens mid-season. The vine has medium productivity. Tasting notes inc...
  • Clarion - Certified
    This variety is suited for making dry white wines. The grape bunches are loose which can contribute to reduced disease. Clarion ripens earlier than many riparia based wine varieties. Tasting notes include: pear, citrus, ...
  • Touriga Nacional - Grafted
    Touriga Nacional is a variety of red wine grape and is a intermediate-ripening grape. Its bunches are small and elongated, with rounded and non-uniform berries. The berries color can be dark blue to almost black. Tasting...
  • Aromella- Grafted
    Aromella is a recent Cornell release capable of making a top ranked floral to muscat wine.  Some fruit shelling has been observed in warmer regions shortly after ripening. Juice chemistry in the Finger Lakes is similar ...
  • Montepulciano- Grafted
    This black wine grape brings bold color, soft flavor, moderate acidity and mild tannins with spicy and peppery aromas.
  • San Marco - Grafted
    This black grape is highly productive and is highly resistant to botrytis. The berries are medium sized and loose with oval shaped berries that have deep color.  Tasting notes bring a bold plum color and intense flavor ...
  • Trentina- Grafted
    This grape is an aromatic white grape that is a bybrid cross from the breeding program of Marco Stefanini. 
  • Valiant
    Valiant is extremely winter hardy and produces small, compact clusters of small berries that ripen reliably. It is used for juice and jelly where other varieties are not hardy enough to be grown.
  • Mars
    Mars is a productive vine with medium-sized clusters of medium to large slipskin berries that turn from crimson to deep blue at maturity. Fruit has a thick slipskin, resistant to cracking. Fruit holds well on the vine ...
  • Vermentino - Grafted
    White wine grape that produces medium-large berries and the clusters are medium to medium large cylinder like that are moderately loose. Wine produced from vermentino is straw yellow with greenish highlights; delicately ...
  • Golden Muscat [CPCNW] (CNY)
    An older Cornell release, Golden Muscat was first promoted as a table grape. It produces very large, well-filled clusters of large, oval, amber-colored berries. When fully ripe the flavor is rich, when not fully ripe, G...
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