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  • Double A Vineyards Gift Certificate
    Give the gift of Grapevines, Berries, Wine Juice Kits or Vineyard Accessories with a Double A Vineyards Gift Certificate!   Minimum purchase of $25, multiples of $25. Gift Certificates are non-refundable and will ship...
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    Grapes of the Hudson Valley
    New York's Hudson Valley has long been known as the birthplace of American wine, with roots dating to the 1600s. For centuries, the region's challenging terroir has tested both viticulturalist and wine maker alike, spawn...
  • Gardening for the Homebrewer
    Grow and process plants for making beer, wine, gruit, cider, perry, and more. There's no feeling quite like cooking with home-grown carrots or grabbing a fresh handful of cilantro from your own yard. Well, unless you're ...
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