Southern Varieties

  1. Carlos

    The Carlos muscadine is a bronze, self-fertile muscadine vine that is the standard muscadine used to make white muscadine wine. Ripening early in the season, Carlos is a good quality vigorous vine with high yields.
  2. Cowart

    The Cowart muscadine vine is a self-fertile variety that produces fruit that has an excellent flavor with large clusters and medium size fruit. This muscadine vine produces fruit that has edible skin and is very pro...
  3. Noble

    Noble is the primary red muscadine variety used in wine and juice production and is self-fertile. Berries are small with a wet stem scar so are not favored as a table grape.
  4. Victoria Red

    Victoria Red produces a seeded grape with bright red skin color and large, attractive clusters. Victoria Red is used as a table grape and has potential as a neutral blending wine grape in regions susceptible to Pier...
  5. Welder

    Welder is a self-fertile muscadine that produces a bronze grape with higher sugar content and better fruit rot resistance than Carlos. Not as hardy as other muscadine varieties.
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