Wildlife Deterrent

  1. Avian Control ®
    Starting at $89.99

    Avian Control® Bird Repellent has proven effective at significantly reducing bird predation on grapes (both wine and table) and other crops. Simply spray your vineyards with Avian Control® to create an un...

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  2. AviGard® Bird Netting
    Starting at $139.00


    AviGard® Easy Fit's

  3. Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent
    Starting at $12.99

    There's a reason it's America's #1 selling deer and rabbit repellent!

    Stop throwing your money away on replanting or repellent solutions that don't work. Liquid Fence is the repellent that stops deer and...

  4. WHIFF - Orchard Soap Bars
    Starting at $10.00
    Growing grapevines can be a labor of love and there's nothing more frustrating than seeing all of your hard work disappear overnight to foraging wildlife. Avoid damage to your vines by hanging WHIFF Orchard Soap Bar...
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