All Seasons Horticultural Spray Oil EPA# 4-80

(Paraffinic Oil) Paraffinic oil controls certain pests by smothering them. For powdery mildew control, begin sprays before bloom and continue spraying every 10 days (to up to 3 weeks) using 2.5-7.5 tbsp. (1.25-3.75 fl. oz.) per gallon. Good coverage is essential for control. Under high disease conditions (such as the disease has already begun to establish and powdery mildew colonies are visible), the label recommends use of 7.5 tbsp. per gallon and/or shorter spray intervals. Insects including mealybug, mites, and leafhoppers can be controlled by smothering them with oil. There are restrictions for mixing with copper more than once per season or after bloom. Do not mix with sulfur or apply when sulfur is on the foliage. Do not apply if temperature is >90°F or less than 40°F. Table grapes cannot be sprayed within 60 days of harvest. Oil application will remove the bloom on grape skin. 1 Quart Container