Blue-X Vine Shelters - Individual Shelters & Replacement Parts

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*Horticulturists know that increasing blue light accelerates plant growth. They also know that green and opaque tinting reduces the beneficial blue light plants use to grow.

Here are the facts: BLUE light, combined with the benefits provided by a shelter will increase your bottom line. Use BLUE-X Vine Shelters on your vines and put yourself ahead of the competition.

HAVE A PRODUCING PLANT, FASTER FOR LESS! By design BLUE-X Vine Shelters protect young vines and accelerate growth. Placing BLUE-X Vine Shelters around transplants, or retrofitting to existing young plants creates an ideal environment for vines to grow. Field studies of vine shelters have have shown increased growth rates of 100 - 150%.

PLANT PROTECTION: During critical early growth, BLUE-X Vine Shelters protect young vines from rodents, rabbits and chemical sprays. BLUE-X Vine Shelters block herbicide drift and provide non-chemical pest protection, thus maximizing vine survival.

BENEFICIAL MICRO CLIMATE: BLUE-X Vine Shelters create a beneficial micro climate inside the shelter for each vine with increased humidity, higher CO2 levels, reduced drying and mechanical damage caused by the wind, reduction of harmful UV light and beneficial blue light effect.

UNIQUE AMPLIFIED BLUE LIGHT: BLUE-X Vine Shelters are the only vine shelters offering the unique characteristic of amplified blue light to your plants. The transparent blue polyester admits up to 50% more photo synthetically active radiation (PAR). PAR is the part of the light spectrum most used by plants. UV light slows plant growth and damages plant DNA. BLUE-X Vine Shelters block the transmission of a significant amount of harmful UV light. Additionally, recent scientific evidence has shown that blue light activates an enzyme that helps repair the damage caused by UV light. An added benefit of increased blue light is to encourage diameter growth in plants, resulting in stronger stems and trunks.

EASY TO USE, REMOVE AND REUSE: Using an innovative two piece construction method, removal is easy. BLUE-X Vine Shelters can be removed without untying the vine from the wire. Shelters should be removed before winter. They store flat and are ready for reuse the next season.

WHY USE BLUE-X VINE SHELTERS: The use of BLUE-X Vine Shelters both reduces the cost of vineyard establishment and increases production. Installing BLUE-X Vine Shelters will reduce the costly labor intensive function of training the vine. At the end of the first growing season, dormant vines planted in the spring will generally be larger than vines planted without shelters. When using BLUE-X Vine Shelters, production increases may be realized by an increased first crop or even a crop a year sooner.

SIZES: BLUE-X Vine Shelters are 30" tall and have a diameter of 3.5".

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Buy 251 for $1.85 each and save 8%

Buy 2500 for $1.75 each and save 13%

Buy 2750 for $1.60 each and save 20%