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Captan 80WDG (captan)


Captan 80WDG (captan), EPA# 66222-58-66330, READ THE LABEL

Captan provides protective control of phomopsis, downy mildew, and various “summer rots”. It is a broad-spectrum fungicide with low risk of disease resistance development. Apply 1.25 to 2.5 pounds of Captan 80 WDG per acre per application, do not apply more than 15 pounds per acre per season. Do not apply with or following a spray of JMS Stylet Oil, and do not apply JMS stylet oil within 10 days of application. Captan can cause plant injury if applied with other oils, liquid insecticides, and some surfactants. Fungicide activity can be reduced if applied with lime. 72 hour rentry interval, 0 days to harvest. Maximum purchase 1 –6.25 lb. bag per DOT ground shipping regulations.

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