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  • Pinot Noir - Grafted
    Pinot Noir is the classic red Burgundy cultivar, it ripens best under cool, dry conditions and is best suited for cool but moderate climates. Wines are lower in tannins and pigments than the other great French wine varie...
  • Regent - Grafted
    Regent is a relatively new German hybrid, mostly vinifera, with good fungal disease resistance. Regent wines can have intense color, high tannins, moderate acidity, and show aromas of cherry and black currant.
  • Riesling - Grafted
    Riesling is the noble grape variety of Germany, one of the most hardy vinifera varieties best suited for cooler climates and highly susceptible to Botrytis infection. Riesling is made in a wide range of wine styles depen...
  • Sangiovese - Grafted
    Sangiovese is the most planted grape variety in Italy, the principal variety for fine red wine in Tuscany, and the base wine for the production of Chianti. It is a late-ripening red that produces wines with pronounced t...
  • Sauvignon Blanc - Grafted
    Sauvignon Blanc is responsible for some of the world's most distinctive dry white wines with a wide range of aromatics. It produces a wide range of wine styles from dry aromatic wines to desert wines in France, to ripe f...
  • Seyval Blanc - Grafted
    Seyval Blanc is one of the most widely planted white hybrid varieties in cooler regions of the eastern US. Vines are typically overly fruitful and require some cluster thinning.
  • Shiraz - Grafted
    Shiraz is the Australian synonym for Syrah, an ancient, noble variety capable of producing outstanding wines with long aging potential. The wines have a wide range of flavor depending on the climate and soils where the g...
  • Tannat - Grafted
    An important variety in Uruguay, Tannat produces deeply colored wines that are astringent and often blended with other varieties such as Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • Valvin Muscat - Grafted
    Valvin Muscat produces a highly aromatic, high quality muscat wine with improved winter hardiness and disease resistance over its vinifera parent (Muscat Ottonel). Only sold as grafted vines as own-rooted vines typically...
  • Verdelet - Grafted
    Verdelet produces large, loose bunches with egg-shaped, whitish or grey-yellow to yellow-gold fruit. Verdelet is typically used to make a clear, delicate white wine.
  • Cabernet Franc - Grafted
    A component of many Bordeaux blends, Cabernet Franc matures earlier than Cabernet Sauvignon and is more suitable for cooler climates. One of the more winter hardy vinifera varieties, it is becoming more popular in easte...
  • Chardonnay - Grafted
    The standard of white wine grapes, Chardonnay can be used to make a wide range of wine styles from "fruit forward" wines fermented in stainless, to buttery wines fermented or finished with oak. Chardonnay is the primary ...
  • Blanc du Bois - Grafted
    Blanc du Bois is a Pierce's disease tolerant cultivar with very good wine quality potential. Grown successfully where temperatures do not drop below +10F (USDA hardiness zone 8). Grown in coastal areas in the southeast U...
  • Lemberger - Grafted
    Not to be confused with cheese, Lemberger is used to produce low acid, varietal wines. It is gaining a reputation in the Finger Lakes region of NY as a variety with good wine potential and easier to grow than Pinot Noir.
  • Teroldego – Grafted
    Teroldego is a red vinifera originating in north east Italy that shares a parent, Dureza, with Syrah. Wines are described as dark and fruity with low tannins.
  • Malvasia Bianca - Grafted
    Whether sweet or dry, Malvasia Bianca offers delightful aromas and flavors of honey and ripe Bosc pears with hints of allspice. Round, lushly fruity flavors and a plush texture lead to a finish that is determined by the ...
  • Rkatsiteli - Grafted
    Rkatsiteli is one of the most ancient varieties in the Republic of Georgia. With somewhat high acid, and spicy and floral notes Rkatsitelli is very useful for many wine styles.
  • Saperavi - Grafted
    Saperavi is a popular stand alone varietal making deep colored wines enjoyed young and aged and has been well received as a rosé as well. Originating in the the early 1950's in the Soviet Republic of Georgia, Saperavi ...
  • Alvarinho (Albariño) - Grafted
    Portugal's version of Albariño which is widely grown in Galacia (northwest Spain). Alvarinho produces distinctive, aromatic, high quality wines. Grown in a humid, maritime climate, it has thick skin making it resistant ...
  • Cabernet Volos- Grafted
    Cabernet Volos (Cabernet Sauvignon x 20-3) is one in a line up of mildew resistant VCR varieties that reduce the spray requirements while producing quality fruit and wine. With a similar flavor profile to its parent- Cab...
  • Fleurtai - Grafted
    Fleurtai (Tocai Friulano x 20-3) is one of two of the mildew resistant VCR varieties that has shown 'excellent' resistance to both Downy and Powdery Mildew. Fleurai's golden-green colored berries produce a delightful, wh...
  • Merlot Kanthus - Grafted
    One of two red, wine varieties out of the mildew resistant VCR line up, Merlot Kanthus (Merlot x 20-3) maintains excellent wine quality resembling that of it's parent. Vines are adaptable to different trellis systems due...
  • Sauvignon Kretos - Grafted
    Sauvignon Kretos (Sauvignon x 20-3) is one of two Sauvignon crosses in a line up of mildew resistant VCR varieties that reduce the spray requirements while producing quality fruit and wine. The golden hues of Sauvignon K...
  • Soreli - Grafted
    Soreli (Tocai Friulano x 20-3) joins mildew resistant variety, Fleurtai of the VCR varieties with excellent resistance to both Downy and Powdery mildew. While Soreli can hold it's own in a bottle, Soreli and Fleurtai hav...
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