Interline Herbicide (glufosinate)


Interline Herbicide (glufosinate), EPA# 70506-310 READ THE LABEL

Interline Herbicide contains 2.34 pounds of the active ingredient glufosinate-ammonium per gallon. It is a non-selective, post-emergence herbicide used primarily in LibertyLink cropping systems, and is also registered for use in grape. Unlike glyphosate herbicides, Interline is a contact, burndown herbicide that is not translocated to underground plant parts, so is a useful alternative to glyphosate for late spring and summer applications when glyphosate contact with foliage must be avoided to minimize the risk of injury or damage to grapevines. For best results, apply to emerged, young, actively growing weeds. Warm temperatures, high humidity, and bright sunlight improve the performance of 0Interline Herbicide. Avoid direct spray or drift to desirable vegetation. Avoid contact of spray, drift, or mist with green bark, stems, or foliage, as injury may occur. Interline Herbicide is labeled for grapevine sucker control when applied to suckers 12” long or less. For sucker control, make two applications about 4 weeks apart at 56 fl. oz. per acre sprayed. Thorough coverage is needed for good control. For weed control, apply 48 to 82 fl. oz. per acre depending on weed height – consult the label for specific recommendations. Do not apply more than 246 fl. oz. Interline Herbicide per year in grapes (a maximum of 3 applications at the 82 fl. oz. rate are permitted). Directed applications made with a backpack sprayer should be made at 1.7fl. oz. Interline Herbicide per gal. of water. Observe personal protective requirements on the label including coveralls, chemical resistant gloves and footwear, and protective eyewear. 12 hour REI, 14 day PHI. Not for use in Nassau and Suffolk Counties in New York.

2.5 gallons

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