JMS Stylet Oil (spray oil)


JMS Stylet Oil (paraffinic oil), EPA# 65564-1, READ THE LABEL

JMS Stylet Oil provides post-infection, antisporulant, and eradicant activity, and modest protectant activity, against powdery mildew, with low risk of disease resistance development. Use in a 1 to 2% solution, and do not concentrate beyond 2% (2 gallons product per 100 gallons). JMS Stylet Oil provides significant eradicant activity against existing powdery mildew infections, but thorough spray coverage is essential for effective control. Follow label precautions for use with copper hydroxide, mancozeb, and Ridomil. Do not tank mix with spreader stickers or certain highly ionized nutrient spray materials. Do not use captan with or following an oil spray. Do not use copper and oil together when fruit is present. Do not apply sulfur within 10 days of an oil spray. 4 hour reentry interval, 0 days to harvest.

2.5 gallons

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