Karmex DF (diuron)


Karmex DF (diuron), EPA# 66222-51, READ THE LABEL

Karmex contains the active ingredient diuron, and provides pre-emergence, residual control of many annual broadleaf weeds and grasses in established vineyards. Apply as a band treatment to established vineyards at least 3 years old. Do not apply more than 5 pounds per acre surface sprayed per application with a maximum of 2 applications per year. Consult the label for additional restrictions for use on soils low in clay or organic matter. Sequential treatments must be applied at least 90 days apart. Parrot can be tank mixed with other pre- and post-emergence herbicides registered for use in grapes when following all product label restrictions. 12 hour reentry interval, 0 days to harvest.

5 pounds

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