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Mettle 125 ME - 30 oz


Mettle 125ME Fungicide (Tetraconazole) 

EPA Registration No.: 80289-8-10163

Mettle 125ME Fungicide (Tetraconazole) is a systemic fungicide that controls Anthracnose, Black Rot, and Powdery Mildew . Specialized designed with a highly systemic movement to protect new growth emerging after application, producing the best disease protection possible for better crop quality and yield. Unique micro-emulsion formulation that produces 1000X smaller particles for uniform coverage and faster plant penetration to further enhance overall disease protection for better fruit quality. 3-5 ounces per acre, with a maximum of 3 applications per season.



Begin application at pre-bloom and continue applications using spray intervals up to 21 days in low to moderate disease pressure. Use a 14 day spray interval when disease pressure is severe or conditions are favorable for powdery mildew.

  • Do not harvest until 14 days after the last application. (14 day PHI).

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