Plantra Jump Start® Vine Grow Tubes - Bulk 20 Pack for orders of 200+ shelters

The JumpStart® Vine Grow Tubes offer: • Circular shape to optimally diffuse light and minimize heat absorption • 3.5" diameter for full leaf expansion, thick stems & and a balanced root-to-shoot ratio • Side opening, so the tube can be easily removed after the vine is trained to the cordon wire • Exclusive and proven “Peach” color – made from the right combination of pigments – for the right combination of shoot elongation, stem thickness and root development. • Every detail of JumpStart® Vine Grow Tubes (2.5 ft tall- 30") is designed to optimize field performance while saving costs • Extra large tabs for fast & easy attachment to bamboo, pencil rod or trellis posts of any type or size • State of the art pigment formulation for optimal growth • Durable, compact packaging reduces handling costs and minimizes field trips NOTICE: • THESE ARE SOLD AS 20 PACKS ONLY • FOR ORDERS OF 400 SHELTERS OR MORE (I.E QTY 20 - 20 PACKS) • FOR EVERY 1 PRODUCT ORDERED YOU ARE RECEIVING 20 SHELTERS • THESE WILL DIRECT SHIP FROM THE MANUFACTURER • FREE SHIPPING

Orders shipping to AK and/or HI do not qualify for free shipping. If ordered online, shipping will be added to your order in house. Please call to place your order if you'd like a shipping quote prior to ordering.