Quintec (quinoxyfen)


Quintec (quinoxyfen), EPA# 62719-375, READ THE LABEL

Quintec provides excellent protectant control but no post-infection or eradicant control of powdery mildew, with moderate risk of disease resistance development. Apply at 3 to 6.6 fluid ounces per acre per application (the 3 to 4 ounce rate is recommended in New York State at no more than 14 day intervals), and no more than 33 fluid ounces per acre per season. Quintec is unrelated to any other grape fungicide registered in North America, so it controls powdery mildew colonies that are resistant to other fungicides and is useful in a powdery mildew resistance-management program. However, Quintec is at risk for disease resistance development, so it should be used no more than 2 or 3 times per season in a rotational program with other effective powdery mildew fungicides. 12 hour reentry interval, 14 days to harvest.

30 ounces

Material Safety Data Sheet: Quintec MSDS.pdf