Rally 40WSP (myclobutanil)


Rally 40WSP (myclobutanil), EPA# 62719-410, READ THE LABEL

Rally provides effective control of powdery mildew, black rot, and anthracnose with post-infection, antisporulant, and limited protectant activity, with moderate risk of disease resistance development. Apply Rally at 3-5 ounces per acre per application and a maximum of 1.5 pounds per season (typical application rates used in New York are 4 ounces per acre for protection, and 5 ounces per acre for post-infection control of black rot). Apply on a protectant schedule that does not exceed 14 days, or within 72 hours of a black rot infection period. Rally is a sterol inhibitor (DMI) fungicide, and powdery mildew resistance to the DMI fungicides is common where they have been used for several years. Use a good resistance management strategy in your vineyard by limiting the number of DMI applications to a maximum of 3 per year, and use a rotational program with other non-DMI powdery mildew fungicides. Rotating with other DMI fungicides is NOT an effective disease resistance management approach. 12 hour reentry interval, 14 days to harvest.

20 ounces in 4 ounce water soluble packets