Ranman Fungicide (cyazofamid)


Ranman Fungicide (cyazofamid), EPA# 71512-3-279, READ THE LABEL

Ranman provides good to very good control of downy mildew with protectant, antisporulant, and perhaps limited post-infection activity, with high risk of disease resistance development. Ranman represents a new class of chemistry for use in grapes, and should be used in a rotational program with other downy mildew fungicides. Apply at 2.1 to 2.75 fluid ounces per acre per application, and no more than 6 applications per season. Alternate Ranman with another downy mildew fungicide with a different mode of action. Do not make more than 3 consecutive applications of Ranman followed by at least 3 applications of fungicides having different modes of action before applying additional Ranman. 12 hour reentry interval, 30 days to harvest.

1 quart

Material Safety Data Sheet: ranman MSDS.pdf