Introducing Zaltus™ SX: Your Reliable Defense Against Pesky Weeds

Harnessing the power of flumioxazin, the same active ingredient found in Valor® SX and Chateau®, Zaltus™ SX offers unbeatable protection against unwanted weeds. 

Stay one step ahead of weed infestations and maintain a clean field with Zaltus SX's proven residual power. Unlike some herbicides, Zaltus SX remains in the soil profile, minimizing leaching concerns. 

Whether applied pre-plant or pre-emerge, Zaltus SX delivers 4-6 weeks of effective residual control. For extended protection, consider fall or fallow applications at higher rates. 

Backed by proven crop safety and reliability, Zaltus SX is the go-to solution for controlling over 90 different weeds across more than 50 crops. Its versatility and compatibility with various crop rotations make it a valuable tool for growers nationwide.


Material Safety Data Sheet