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Ziram Xcel - 6 lbs.


Ziram Xcel - 6 lb (ziram) EPA# 70506-173, READ THE LABEL

Ziram Xcel is a dry flowable fungicide that controls of a wide range of diseases with no documented cases of fungal resistance. This product is proven effective on grapes against Black Rot, Downy Mildew, Phomopsis, Cane and Leaf Spot, Ripe Rot and aids in the control of Botrytis Bunch Rot. Apply Ziram when shoots are at least one inch long and continue at 7-14 day intervals or as necessary according to the integrated pest management guidelines for the particular growing area. Use shorter intervals under heavy disease pressure. Do not apply more than 28 lbs. per acre per crop cycle. Do not apply later than 21 days to harvest. Aerial application is prohibited.

6 lbs

Material Safety Data Sheet: ziram msds.pdf

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