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Berry & Hops Plants for Sale

Whether you’re growing berry plants to sell on a commercial basis, or simply want to produce them in your own backyard, Double A Vineyards offers a robust selection. Our berry plants deliver high quality, juicy fruit that is deliciously sweet, while our hops varieties are perfect for large and small scale brewing!


It doesn’t matter if you buy one or one hundred plants from us, all will be in great condition. With the right care and enough sunlight and water, they will offer plentiful fruit for years to come. In fact, we have so much confidence in the quality of products we provide, we will gladly replace berry plants that fail to grow the year they are planted. Read our warranty and return policy to learn more.


Please take some time to browse through our selection of berry plants. From the popular raspberries and blackberries to the more unusual – but equally delicious – elderberries and currents, Double A Vineyards has a wide selection to meet your needs.


While we have taken great care to provide detailed information about each variety that we offer, if do you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you. Also, if growing berries is new to you, or if you simply want more information, we suggest you browse our Books & Gifts section for books on growing berry plants.


Remember, the best plants equal the best berries. At Double A Vineyards, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality berry plants, all at an affordable price.

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  • Triple Crown Blackberries (Thornless)
    Thornless Triple Crown Blackberry vines are named for their three top qualities: flavor, vigor, and productivity. These high-yielding, semi-trailing, thornless vines produce large, firm, and flavorful berries, perfect fo...
  • Wyldewood 1 Elderberries
    A very productive elderberry that tends to have 3 umbrels on each stem. Can be pruned to a shrub or tree. Ripens 14-21 days later than Adams.
  • York Elderberries
    Largest berries of any cultivated variety. Another good source of vitamin C. Good for pie, juice, jelly and wine. Vigorous and hardy. Large white flowers in early summer and colorful fall foliage. Pollinates with Nova.
  • Polana Raspberries
    Ripening two weeks earlier than Heritage, Polana is an early Fall bearing raspberry. Polana is a highly productive, vigorous variety that produces a great crop of large, glossy berries with good flavor....
  • Encore Red Raspberries
    This highly productive plant yields exceptionally sweet raspberries that melt in your mouth. Disease-resistant to root rot. Cold-hardy and heat-tolerant. Mid- to late-summer bearing. Ripens in late July to early August. ...
  • Killarney Red Raspberries
    Released in 1961, Killarney raspberry is especially winter hardy. It is an early mid season variety ripening about a week after Boyne. It has an attractive bright-red color and a good raspberry aroma and flavor. The cane...
  • Himbo Top ® Raspberries
    Himbo Top ®, is one of the newest varieties we are carrying due to its extremely large, firm, bright red fruit that doesn't darken. Introduced in 2008, Himbo Top ® has demonstrated high tolerance to Phytophthora root r...
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    Earliblue Blueberries
    As the name suggests, Earliblue will be one of the first blueberries of the season, ripening in June. Although Earliblue is self-polinating, it will yield a larger crop when planted with another suitable variety such as ...
  • Apache Blackberries
    This thornless blackberry plant produces the largest fruit of all the thorn-less blackberry cultivars.  Apache produces a sweet, cone shaped berry and ripens late season.This berry requires full sun and is appropriate f...
  • Natchez Blackberries
    The Natchez berry is a cold hardy, thorn-less blackberry which crops early season, and has the characteristic semi-upright, spine-free growing habit. This disease-resistant, cold tolerant variety will give you large, sw...
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    Snowbank Blackberries
    These "Blackberries" are actually a beautiful snow-white berry that is milky-white in color but have all the flavor of a “normal” blackberry. The berries stay whiter than other similar varieties as berries ripen, and...
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    Glencoe Purple Raspberries
    These beautiful purple raspberries are easy to maintain that produces a bumper crop of incredibly luscious gourmet, rich purple raspberries. These berry plants are self-fruitfuland will supply fruit from early to late su...
  • Pixwell Gooseberries
    Large oval, light green berries that turn rosy pink when ripe. High sugar content and juicy. Great for pies and preserves. Fruit hangs down to make for easy picking. Leaves turn purple in the fall to make a nice ornamen...
  • Big Daddy Blackberry
    Big Daddy Blackberry is known for its rich, sweet, and slightly tart flavor, high yield, large berries and vigorous growth. Perfect for fresh eating, baking, and preserves, these plants thrive in USDA hardiness zones 5-9...
  • Pocahontas Elderberry
    The Pocahontas Elderberry is versatile and hardy shrub known as one of the highest yielding. It features dark purple foliage and clusters of white flowers that bloom in late spring, followed by deep purple-black berries ...
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    Royalty Purple Raspberries
    Introducing Royalty Purple Raspberries, the crowning jewel of berry gardens. Known for their deep, royal purple hue and intense, sweet-tart flavor, these raspberries elevate any culinary creation from ordinary to extraor...
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