Homeowner Pesticides

  1. All Season Horticultural Spray Oil EPA# 4-80
    (Paraffinic Oil) Paraffinic oil controls certain pests by smothering them. For powdery mildew control, begin sprays before bloom and continue spraying every 10 days (to up to 3 weeks) using 2.5-7.5 tbsp. (1.25-3.
  2. Bonide Captan 50% WP EPA #4-459
    (50% Captan and related derivatives) CANNOT SHIP TO OR BE USED IN AK, DC, FL, HI Captan provides control of downy mildew and phomopsis cane and leaf spot, and suppressions of black rot. Use 1 to to 1.5 Tbs. p...
  3. Bonide Kleen Up Weed & Grass Killer (glyphosate)

    Bonide Kleen Up Weed & Grass Killer (glyphosate), EPA#4-484, READ THE LABEL

    Kleen Up is a glyphosate product for use in home gardens, including grapes. Consult the label for specific recommendations.<...

  4. Complete Fruit Tree Spray Concentrate EPA# 4-122
    (12% Captan, 6% Malathion, 0.3% Carbaryl) CANNOT SHIP TO OR BE USED IN CA Fruit Tree Spray Concentrate is a combination of a fungicide (Captan) and two insecticides (Malathion and Carbaryl). Captan Captan prov...
  5. Copper Fungicide EPA# 4-58
    (7% copper sulfate) CANNOT SHIP TO OR BE USED IN AK, CA Copper provides good control of downy mildew and fair control of black rot, powdery mildew, and phomopsis. Use 2 to 26 oz. per gallon per application, no...
  6. Spectracide Immunox EPA #9688-123-8845
    Spectracide Immunox EPA #9688-123-8845 (contains 1.55% Myclobutanil) Spectracide Immunox is labeled for control of anthracnose,black rot, and powdery mildew. Mix 1 ¼fl. oz. product with 1 gallon of wa...
  7. Sulfur Plant Fungicide EPA# 4-62
    (90% micronized sulfur) CANNOT SHIP TO OR BE USED IN AK Sulfur is used to control powdery mildew. Use 1 to 3 TBSP. per gallon of water. Begin Sprays when shoots are 6" long, repeat before bloom, and continue...
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