Insect and Mite Pests of Grapevines on Long Island – Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County

Bud feeders

Climbing cutworms is a general term applied to a large number of moth larvae that feed on grape buds. These night feeding larvae attack developing buds, young leaves, and shoots, devouring all of the tissue. Damage is usually spotty, although it can be serious.

Flea beetle adults (first generation) attack swelling buds usually at the very beginning of bud swell, earlier than cutworms. These beetles bore into buds, hollowing out the inside. Vines near wooded areas are more susceptible. Larvae and summer adults feed on young foliage, avoiding the leaf veins, leaving behind a kind of skeleton. Unless bud feeders are a perennial problem (cause major crop loss), control measures are usually not warranted.

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