Double A Projects

East Lycoming School District – East Lycoming planted 50 acres of shrub willow in the spring of 2010 to provide a renewable source of heat in its new biomass boiler. Currently the school relies exclusively on heating oil. The school district is located in Central Pennsylvania near Williamsport. Students and […]

Muscadine Grapes in the Home Garden

Muscadine grapes are well adapted to the Coastal Plain of North Carolina, where temperatures seldom fall below 10°F. Considerable injury generally occurs where winter temperatures drop below 0°F. Some of the more hardy cultivars such as ‘Magnolia,’ ‘Carlos’ and ‘Sterling’ survive northward to Virginia and westward to the foothills of […]

Salix viminalis x S. miyabeana ‘Preble’

‘Preble’ is a fast-growing hybrid shrub willow bred and selected for high biomass yield and pest and disease resistance. It has performed well across a wide range of sites and has agronomic traits suitable for efficient mechanical planting and harvesting. Download the full article below.

Salix viminalis x S. miyabeana ‘Fabius’

‘Fabius’ is a fast-growing hybrid shrub willow that is a sibling of the cultivar ‘Tully Champion’, but is more resistant to potato leafhopper. ‘Fabius’ has excellent form for efficient mechanical harvesting as a dedicated bioenergy crop and has produced high yields on many sites. Download the full article below.

Stream Bank Restoration

Stream bank restoration is the process of bringing a stream bank that’s washed, back to its original condition by planting species of shrubs native to the area. Erosion can be decreased and a natural habitat for wildlife can be formed through this process. Restored banks will serve as a filtering […]

Riparian Buffer

The process of maintaining a stream or river’s natural riparian buffer is the best way to protect against erosion, as well as chemicals from entering the water flow. The buffer is used to stabilize property and slow the speed of eroding banks. The qualities of water, as well as groundwater […]


Brief: Willow has the ability to clean up harmful toxins in water and soil through phytoremediation. The Willow is planted in polluted areas and soaks up toxins through its roots. Detailed: Willows have the ability to clean up toxins by being planted in polluted sites. Can de-pollute contaminated soil and […]

Privacy Hedge

Willow planted for a privacy hedge serves as a natural alternative to many vinyl or chain-link fences. It blocks out neighbors and decreases noise in a tasteful manner. The willow gives a colorful and varied appearance, as it changes with the season. Willow can be grown to desired thickness and […]