Brief: Willow has the ability to clean up harmful toxins in water and soil through phytoremediation. The Willow is planted in polluted areas and soaks up toxins through its roots.

Detailed: Willows have the ability to clean up toxins by being planted in polluted sites. Can de-pollute contaminated soil and water due to ability to contain, degrade, and eliminate metals and other harmful chemicals. Pollutants are stored in roots which decreases their mobility. The pollutants can also be changed into less harmful chemicals by bugs or microbes that live close to plant roots. In addition, harmful toxins can be changed into gases that are released into the air as the plant breathes.

Growers of willow for phytoremediation are required to sign license agreement.  To download and print this agreement in PDF format, please click on the attachment below.

For further information or inquiries, please contact Dennis Rak

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