Mid-Wire Cordon (MWC) – Training System Diagram

When selecting a training or pruning system be sure to consider the growth habit of your vines and the required maintenance of each system. Mid-wire Cordon (MWC) training is used where neither any other training is appropriate for the cultivar to be grown. Examples include cultivars with upright shoot growth that do not require maximum sunlight exposure of the fruiting zone (i.e., cultivars that have relatively disease-resistant fruit that does not benefit from increased exposure to sunlight), and also cultivars with weak trunk growth due to inherent lack of vigor or susceptibility to winter injury. Mid-wire Cordon training may be appropriate where there is difficulty in establishing permanent trunks, and where economics do not justify the increased labor associated with other training systems. Mid-wire cordon employs a fruiting wire at 46-48”, with (generally) one set of catch wires at least 10” above the fruiting wire. Contained within this link is a diagram and accompanying text detailing the required care for Mid-wire cordon during years 1 through 4.

View the Mid-Wire Cordon Training System Diagram

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