Vertical Shoot Positioning (VSP) – Training System Diagram

When selecting a training or pruning system be sure to consider the growth habit of your vines and the required maintenance of each system. Vertical Shoot Positioned (VSP) training is used primarily for upright-growing cultivars, especially those that benefit from improved exposure to sunlight that minimizes summer fruit rots and/or increases potential wine quality. Vertical shoot positioning is much more labor-intensive than other training systems due to the need for summer shoot positioning, leaf removal, and summer (top) hedging. Training for vertical shoot positioning employs a fruiting wire at 30-36″ and usually three sets of catch wires at 10-12″ intervals above the fruiting wire. Contained within this link is a diagram and accompanying text detailing the required care for vertical shoot positioning during years 1 through 4.

View the Vertical Shoot Positioning Training System Diagram

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