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Double A Vineyards is a family owned operation dedicated to supplying you with high quality grapevines, along with berry plants, shrub willow and hops. We began production in 1990 with a small number of grapevine cuttings; since then, we have grown to over two million. We have also increased our grapevine variety list to over 150, with production of other varieties by request. Beyond offering a robust plant selection, we are also committed to treating our customers how we’d want to be treated – like family.

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Hybrid Grape Varieties List - All the Rage about Hybrids

All the Rage about Hybrids

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Marketing Specialist, Danielle Huber It’s a constant battle in the wine industry to please the consumer. We’re always trying to evolve the pallet, improve the vessel, and advance the process. As consumers, we want to pay less and get more. That’s why we have boxed wine! We want convenience. Hence, wine bottles with screw tops, …

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