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Soil Test Based Fertilizer Recommendations

Vineyard Fertilizer and Nutrient Recommendations Provided by Double A Vineyards

  Rick Dunst, Viticulturist, Double A Vineyards, Inc.     Most grape growers recognize the need to determine the nutritional status of their soil prior to planting, but it is also important to monitor the nutritional status of the vineyard on a regular basis once it is bearing fruit. Ideally, soil and petiole testing are …

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Vineyard Weed Control: Managing Weeds in Vineyards

Managing Weeds in Vineyards

  Rick Dunst, Viticulturist, Double A Vineyards, Inc.    When trouble-shooting the cause of poor growth in vineyards (especially newly-planted ones) competition from weeds is one of the first things to consider. In my experience, new growers often underestimate the competitive effects of weeds in the vineyard. This article will summarize some of the concepts …

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Grape Vine Winter Care - Assessing Winter Injury in Grapevines

Assessing Winter Injury in Grapevines

The “polar vortex” of cold Arctic air that affected a large portion of the continental United States during early January 2014 was responsible for widespread transportation delays and a shutdown of activities at many schools and businesses. Blizzard conditions persisted for several days near Buffalo, New York, for the first time since 1993. Air temperatures …

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Managing Vineyard Cover Crops

  Rick Dunst, Viticulturist, Double A Vineyards, Inc.   Cover crop management is an important consideration in viticulture. Most vineyards are managed with some kind of ground cover in the row middles, while minimizing weed competition near the vines. There are many benefits from growing cover crops in row middles. These include reduced risk of …

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Grapevine Canopy Management

Top Photo Left: ‘Concord’ on TWC; Top Photo Right: ‘Vidal’ on TWC; Bottom Photo Left: ‘Pinot Gris’ on VSP, prior to leaf pulling; Bottom Photo Right: ‘Pinot Gris’ on VSP, after leaf pulling   Rick Dunst, Viticulturist, Double A Vineyards, Inc.   The production of large crops of high quality fruit requires that grapevines be pruned and trained …

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Grapevine Pruning with an Emphasis on Vineyard Establishment

  Entire textbooks (or chapters of textbooks, anyway) have been devoted to the topic of pruning, training, and trellising grapevines.  This article will provide a brief overview of the main concepts of pruning grapevines, with emphasis on pruning during vineyard establishment. Dormant grapevine pruning during vineyard establishment is performed annually with two main goals in …

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Winter Protection of Grapevines

  Rick Dunst, Viticulturist, Double A Vineyards, Inc.   As the 2011 growing season comes to an end, we all know what comes next – winter. In areas where extreme cold temperature or temperature drops occur, winter protection of grapevines may be necessary. By their nature, grafted vines are most susceptible to winter injury, particularly …

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